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At, our mission is to empower young expatriates in Dubai with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration needed to become informed and active voters in their home countries. We believe that every voice counts and that the future of a nation is shaped by the collective decisions of its citizens.

Our purpose is twofold:

  1. Education: We aim to demystify the voting process, making it accessible and understandable, regardless of where you're living as an expatriate in Dubai. We provide comprehensive resources, voter registration guides, and up-to-date political news to ensure that you are well-informed.

  2. Engagement: We are dedicated to fostering a sense of civic responsibility and encouraging young expats in Dubai to participate in the democratic processes of their home countries. By engaging in community events, supporting like-minded individuals, and casting your vote, you can actively contribute to the future of your homeland.

We believe that by helping you make your voice heard, we are contributing to a brighter, more inclusive, and democratic future for your home country. is your ally on the journey to becoming an impactful and informed voter.


Join us in making a difference and shaping the destiny of your nation!

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a global hub with a vast expatriate population, representing a multitude of nationalities and cultures. Many expatriates living in Dubai maintain strong ties to their home countries and are eager to stay informed and engaged in the political processes and developments back home. is specifically tailored to this unique demographic in Dubai for several key reasons:

  1. Diverse Expat Community: Dubai is known for its rich cultural diversity, with expatriates hailing from all corners of the globe. This diversity provides a unique opportunity to foster cross-cultural understanding and engagement in global politics. Our focus on Dubai allows us to reach and connect with a diverse expat community eager to participate in their home country's political processes.

  2. Accessibility: Dubai's reputation as a cosmopolitan city means it is well-connected and a center for information exchange. This accessibility enables us to provide expatriates in Dubai with up-to-date resources, political news, and opportunities to engage in a convenient and accessible manner.

  3. Empowerment: Our mission is to empower expatriates, particularly the YOUTH, to become informed and active voters. By focusing on Dubai, we can establish a local presence, engage with the expat community in person, and collaborate with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to civic engagement and voting.

  4. Global Impact: While our focus is on Dubai, the impact of our work extends far beyond the city's borders. By educating and mobilizing expatriates in Dubai, we are indirectly influencing the political landscapes of numerous home countries, contributing to a more engaged and informed global citizenry.

Tommaso Tricamo founder of Dubai Expat Vote

The Founder

Tommaso Tricamo, an Italian expatriate living in Dubai, is a senior student at the American School of Dubai. As a "third culture kid," he has grown up in multiple cultural environments, blending influences from both Italy and the United States.

Tommaso's passion for politics as a young adult in Dubai led him to create the website This platform is designed to empower young people like him who aspire to have the opportunity to vote and make their voices heard. Through his work on this website and as the creator of, Tommaso provides a fresh and engaging perspective on various political topics, enriching the discourse with his international viewpoint.

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